The foot, having 26 bones, is prone to many types of fractures. 

Stress or Fatigue Fractures
Stress or fatigue fractures most often present in the metatarsal or long bones of the foot.  They usually occur as a result of overuse or overtraining and present with local tenderness and swelling on top of the foot.  Early diagnosis and conservative treatment usually results in a rapid cure. 

Traumatic Fractures
Traumatic fractures of the foot and ankle often occur in conjunction with ankle sprains or other types of trauma.  While most respond favorably to immobilization some require surgical repair.  The doctors at the Foot & Ankle Institute are board certified experts in the repair of these fractures.

Ankle Fractures
Ankle fractures result when the ankle is forced inward or outward past its normal range of motion.  X-rays are needed to confirm an ankle facture and determine a plan for treatment.  In some cases an MRI or CT scan will be ordered for further evaluation. Less severe fractures can be treated by non-operative means.  Often surgery is needed to stabilize ankle fractures.  We have highly trained, board certified surgeons here at the Foot & Ankle Institute.