Circulation & Vascular Testing

Adequate circulation is critical to the health of the lower extremities. The Foot & Ankle Institute utilizes several types of non-invasive testing. If the state of your circulation appears to be of concern, we have a very thorough vascular evaluation program available.

Our PADnet test is a simple assessment that allows our doctors to determine if a patient has peripheral artery disease. This allows our doctors here at the Foot & Ankle Institute to better evaluate your vascular health status.

Doppler Ultrasound
Doppler Ultrasound utilizes sound waves generated in the blood vessels to analyze the flow and elasticity of the arteries.

Photopletysmography utilizes light to evaluate the blood flow to the individual toes. This is of particular importance in diabetics as they often have small vessel damage affecting the digits.

TcPO2 (transcutaneous oxygen pressure)
This state-of-the-art technology allows us to evaluate the quantity of oxygen arriving to the skin via the blood vessels. This is very useful in evaluating healing potential in at risk patients such as diabetics.